Christ Consciousness is Peace

Jesus was able to impress upon us a way of living, where you can find contentment and love how you conduct yourself. The simplicity to his way, or Christ Consciousness, was what made it everlasting.

Love God with all your heart, treat your neighbour as your brother and love your enemy. That is where Christ Consciousness begins, with an emphasis on how we engage our thinking about the actions of others.

A Course in Miracles takes these simple ideas and expands upon them, so that negative thinking patterns are replaced with short instructions of what you need to be thinking about, or more succinctly with which conscientiousness are you looking at the world?

The key to finding the Kingdom of Heaven, which is inside each and everyone of us. Meaning that a level of happiness and an inner knowing of what you are meant to be doing here on earth and why Christ Consciousness is in the simplest terms “forgiveness”.

Through a series of lessons the importance of forgiveness is reinforced, then as the layers of the onion are pealed away you begin to realize the need to forgive yourself. All of a sudden a double standard is reached, if you can forgive yourself can God forgive you, when you’ve been unable to forgive other people.

A Course in Miracles requires a year because every single person, like an onion, is wrapped differently and for some of us the hidden punch that is waiting within the course, is discovered at different times for one person, than for others.

Discipline in taking A Course in Miracles is critical because the course is written in such a way that little tiny steps are taking place to move you towards the large breakthrough. Everyone has different triggers but anyone, and I do mean anyone, will find some original ideas within the course that will stun your mind forever.

Christ Consciousness is Peace. A Course in Miracles teaches the way.

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