Cleaning the Temple

Peace takes work for sure, if you’re not in good physical condition you’re not at peace. We can and must try to improve how we nourish ourselves and we must also attempt to breath fresh air each day and witness nature. These are little tiny promises we must each make to ourselves and then insist that they be kept.

Real food, grown from the earth is available almost everywhere and as sad as it sounds some people just don’t make certain that they consume enough of the right things, even though they are everywhere. Others are lucky and live right off the land and enjoy the best health humanly possible (for them) by providing the best nutrients to their bodies, then turn around and drink a six pack of beer and waste all that temple cleaning.

Not saying that people shouldn’t enjoy all that life has to offer, just saying that the better you treat your body, the better you feel and more capable you become to be in peace. Seeking contentment with food is key, avoiding over-indulgence and saving rich foods for special occasions. The best idea is to reduce consumption by striving for the better quality, less quantity and knowing your own best diet, then sticking to it.

A Course in Miracles makes something very clear, in the early part of the workbook and that’s to never give-up completely. If you fall off track, just forgive yourself but start back on track again. it’s an absolute must that we learn to know what atonement is, realize that everyone breaks their own rules sometimes and if you do, it’s not cause to give-up your overall commitment to yourself.

Love yourself, nourish yourself and keep your temple clean.

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