Inner Peace Wisdom

It’s the nature of everything, best demonstrated by the sea, calm and then rough. All ina the same day, storms can abruptly follow a lull. Life is filled with the never ending ebb and flow of energy, from the center of the universe, through every living thing.

If we are able to enlighten ourselves, to the universal flow of energy, then we can connect to universal power by feeling it. The realization of our own universe inside of our own mind and how God-like we each are, that in essence, we are all an extension of the same source. An Emissary of Christ, as we acknowledge his pedigree.

Faith brings conviction that our function of forgiveness, it’s the purpose for which we are here. Knowing that; happy are those, aware of their spiritual need. That’s where the root of peace exists, in knowing that we are receivers from the source of all.

Atonement brings peace and prompts us to do the right thing each day, doing our best to serve others. Giving our time, attention and energy to everyone in our path. Never slight the least of them and always believe that we are all sovereign beings.

Smile in your heart, as you thank the Lord for making your life all that it can be. Give of yourself, in order that you may receive the miracles of God’s grace.

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