1. ThanQ for making this platform for us to discuss our thoughts and questions. I’ve been looking for a group of like minded souls in this great awakening. I live in Salem Massachusetts near Boston. Hard to find those in touch with their spirituality. I am trying to find the right way to share my truth. All social media has been deleted shadowband or erased and seems useless to play on their game board. Also I been involved in music production, writer and performing and have two wonderful positive awoken souls that can definitely help be a voice of love and peace. It’s Hip hop, but nothing but GOD and love. Very talented indeed and with resources provided, will fly high especially in this time. I’d be more than happy to share the music and vision with you.ThanQ for your time love and light. WE GOT THIS BEAUTIFUL SOULS! GIDBLESS

  2. I have ordered an ebook but would like to order a hard copy. Can’t find where to do so (order a hard copy). Please advise

    Thank you.

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