Miracle of Marcos

Marcos loves God. It’s the most amazing thing, it’s such an honest and pure love that it omits from him. Everyone notices too, it’s not just me. Rarely does he talk about it and unless you knew what it was you might mistake it for confidence or happy nature but it’s not that either. The shine is the knowing who he serves and why he is here at this time. See, Marcos is also a gifted singer, songwriter and guitar player extraordinaire.

Marcos and his family have been blessed by God for not only musical talent but also grace of loving friendship to the Christian flock in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where Marco’s father was famous for leaving an elite celebrity football career, to accept his calling as the Minister of the largest Christian congregation in Sao Paulo. This helps to explain how and why Marcos and his family have such gift of grace and musical talent, they learned in church, with the incredible musicians of Brazil.

For me it is such a great pleasure to make this project for Marcos, as he’s become my brother and closest friend. We met on 11/11/15 at 11:11 PM on Avenida Nove Onze, on the first night we met (at a pizza restaurant), we talked for 4 hours, under a bridge in one of the most feared places in the city. Marcos had no fear of favelas, he sees everything with the eyes of Christ, just sheer joy, then if there’s good people to sing and play guitar, samba rhythms and dance, anywhere at all hours, he is a peace revolution.

This Domain name PeaceRevolution.love was registered by me, so that Marcos could share his music with the world. Marcos has 12 studio recorded and mastered tracks that are magical. The first hit song is called Peace Revolution and other songs are rich with spiritual meaning and infused with Brazil beats and sweet melodies. We will be bringing them here and new content that will uplift and inspire. We want to honour God.

Every day you would find Marcos with a Bible in his hand, like he has very strong need to be in the word of God, before he goes out into the fields to ride, run, sweat hard and exercise his body to championship levels. We are the same age, born in the same year and I bike ride every day but keeping up with Marcos is impossible, he has to stop and wait sometimes. Together we’ve ridden mountain bikes all over Sampa, he is a champion athlete, charismatic entertainer and a righteous man.

Everyone can learn more about faith by knowing Marco’s, that’s what it is, a very strong faith he’s developed, by practice for such a long time. This website is dedicated to my brother and friend Marcos. We both hope you will join us and tell others, as we bring you some amazing art, music and stories to celebrate Jesus Christ.


  1. It’s such a amazing feeling to read all this stuff and encouraging words from you Aaron.
    As you well said we are brothers in this awesome spiritual family connected with Jesus our Lord and Savior in fellowship with our Heavenly Father and His Holly Spirit in us.
    I pray that our lives and projects as Peace Revolution.Love will blessed many people and bring us in Unity in the Love and Light from His Majesty.
    Be blessed and received all my Love Irmão!

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