Peace Revolution as a Ministry

A Course in Miracles Teaches that giving and receiving are the same, and teaching is learning. Furthermore, Jesus taught “the Way” and his message then, is the same as this one now, especially as it relates to treating your enemy, with love. One sure way to happiness, contentment or even joy, is through peace.

Peace is achievable and obtainable, I found it after I was able to understand what peace meant, to me. Christ consciousness is what A Course in Miracles (ACIM) has helped me to understand. I was already devoted to Jesus, before I started ACIM, so right from the beginning of my learning I was convinced that special knowledge, pure and true, was contained within the course.

The Foundation for Inner Peace provide an incredible free resource and it’s easy to buy the books, it’s all right there. The secret to peace, from a non-theological perspective, completely intellectual and perfectly articulated. Even the indexing and itemizing, while at the same time the content is inspiring and compelling. In my opinion, the content is exceptionally well written, and very nice to read. I expect to continue reading the manual, and will most certainly will do the course over again.

Today is Lesson #347 for me, here’s the title;

Anger must come from judgment. Judgment is the weapon I would use against myself, to keep the miracle away from me.

A Course in Miracles

Peace Revolution wants to spread the word; peace. Inner peace is love of oneself by knowing that God has a purpose for each of us, and a plan. Naturally we each have our own plans but God has his plan anyway, so you can empty your cup (as they say), drop any pretense you may have about a book, or an idea and just give the course a chance. See if you can connect your own sense of reason, through pure logic, to explain who is God and what is a miracle.

Miracles happen and you reading this is an example. Thank you, for taking the time. I’m also an avid reader of the King James Version of the New Testament and have a love of the Red Letters, which are certain types of Bibles where the words of Christ are in red. These verse are known as the Red Letter scriptures, they can bring peace to your mind. Always, for me, the words of Jesus bring peace from the simple wisdom.

Peace Revolution of Love, is A Course in Miracles Ministry because I believe Jesus Christ was spiritually involved in the authoring of the course, even if that’s not true, until I discovered ACIM to my knowledge, there was not, or is not and actual instructional guide to explain to a reasonable person, how to best understand God in a perfectly logical manner. How and why through Christ, is the sure way to know God.

Peace Revolution is fun for me too because I know that eventually my words will make a difference towards peace, just because it’s true. Peace is power!

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