Peace Revolution Purpose

A Course in Miracles works only when you practice. Prayer works when you practice and inner peace is no different. Try to imagine learning how to speak a foreign language without practice, may be able to remember a few words but it takes even the sharpest mind weeks and months to speak another tongue.

One study said that the average human has sixty thousand thoughts per day, probably even more now with mobile phones and constant Internet. We are thinking thoughts, even while we’re thinking thoughts. Most people can’t even listen in a conversation because they’re already preparing their next ideas. Our minds are so powerful they tend to run at full speed, most of the time, and this causes the mental fatigue.

Living a structured life is critical and allocating times each day, devoted entirely to either meditation or deep reflection. Every person is different but we all need spiritual nourishment, which means different things for different people. A Course in Miracles asks for only 5 minutes, twice per day and just recite the message, this addresses mental fatigue and provides peace and rest for your soul.

Peace is everywhere in nature, which is why, for me, I take time every single day that puts me in direct contact with nature. Even while travelling to big cities or places I’ve never been before, I still find a park or a forest and walk directly in and begin observing and experiencing. There’s so many tiny details in nature, so much to witness as a real-time participant in the place where we are meant to be.

Breathing techniques are so simple and useful, and yet people just don’t take advantage of the simple and obvious, often because they feel embarrassed in front of others…. then find some privacy and just do a couple of sets of twenty. You must practice to achieve the results you wish to obtain, it’s all about living a structured life and know that you are acting in a way that will honour God, by acting like Christ.

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