Peace Revolution Reason

To make the word “Peace” known, to raise the frequency of the use of that word and to make the word “Peace” appear more often all across the Internet. Peace Revolution is two powerful words in a marriage of meaning, when plastered across the social networks and on websites everywhere, again and again, will save lives.

Peace Revolution, coming to eyeballs near you.

Although our name is partly shared by other worthy groups and causes, we are a renegade guerrilla marketing operation dedicated to Jesus Christ. Our strategy is promote reason and logic, that peace starts from within. We champion peace by learning to forgive, getting organized collectively and making peace go mainstream.

Peace Revolution (here) is an online community of like-minded people, growing into a social media platform that spreads the idea of peace, both inner peace and peace on earth. The word peace and peace symbols (like the sixties), to make peace cool again. We intend that this platform share good works by using open source and honesty, to create an online media company, that helps the world become a better place.

Peace Revolution is about the Love!

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