Power of Nature is Peace on Earth

Everywhere in nature we can witness a struggle for survival, even trees compete for dominance. Our very DNA has code within it to know how to feed and reproduce, human nature is force of incredible energy. The power of Nature contains peace and love within it’s very fabric, it’s the beauty of living, if you choose to see it.

Every wave has a crest and a trough, understanding this is critical. Knowing the power of nature to address those times when you may be low, finding a path in the forest, or even a flower in the sun. To connect with that part of your immediate environment, use the clues from nature to cleanse and heal your soul.

Nature provides peace by osmosis, the sounds and smells trigger your mind to occupy that moment. The air in nature makes our mind clear, then other living things make us take notice.

We become one with mother earth, through nature. Peace comes from connecting to the power of nature.

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  1. I’ve saved the peacerevolution.love website on my home screen. Is there more I.should do to subscribe? This is resonating like nothing else in many years.

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