Song and Dance is Music for the Soul

Music is for the glory of God because it’s about harmony and that is where peace exists. Mankind is the most unique in it’s natural propensity to sing and dance.

Celebration is song and dance, for any reason good enough to share joy and happiness. Some people sing and dance just for the joy of singing and dancing.

To sing you very best in front of others, you would want to concentrate all of your ability into that one moment, when you are performing. The mental focus is the key to excellence, to be totally in that moment and completely, focused…. that’s where peace is.

Harmony is love, shared for pleasure. A song can lift are hearts or bring us to tears. It’s the power of the magic of words, unleashed in a rhyme or a verse, that moves us deeply, in ways that nothing else can.

There’s so much to learned about ourselves from experiencing different varieties of music and dance, to either be partaking or watching others, is always cause for a smile.

Life’s too short to live without song and dance because it’s music for your soul.

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