The Peace Revolution is Love

How can there be anything so simple to understand, than peace is love. Inner peace is self-love and outer peace is love. Forgiveness is love also but not a simple topic to completely understand.

Forgiveness is our primary purpose for being and by using forgiveness and our own free will, we cause peace to happen. Naturally if you master inner peace, you’re more likely to experience a peaceful life.

Each one of us has an entirely unique relationship with God and the world around us. We must stand in our own authority and become the sovereign beings we were meant to be. We must seek enlightenment and strive to ascend to our promised potential.

The Peace Revolution is love when one person reads the words of Christ and decides that it makes sense, to love your enemy. Walk away from all forms of conflict, even intellectual debate can go past the point of peace.

Most conflict is inner and often what causes the outer conflict, or can manifest in anger. This is a common syndrome, often called stress, which is probably a good distinction. Life is not easy and the world around us can be sad and even ugly, all the more reason to love.

To not engage in conflict, is victory.

Peace rocks!

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