Through the eyes of God

That’s what A Course in Miracles taught me to look at things and to define how Christ gained his consciousness, it from seeing people and situations, through the eyes of God.

To uncomplicate that thought and to explain where therein lays the peace… is that each creature is perfection in the eyes of God, for example the flower growing on the side of a rock wall, where these should be no plant but a scrawny little cactus pops a flower, not perfect due the environment and genetics but a perfect essence of what it was meant to be, right there against all odds. The essence of each thing contains the love and peace of harmony, from it’s manifestation.

Through the eyes of God, Christ was able to forgive the people who hurt him and even those who poured vinegar in house mouth for water. On a deeper level they are perfect creatures of God, as are we, each and every one of us, equally sovereign in every meaning of the word.

Forgiveness is the beginning and the end, of what is to be learned by seeing things from a perspective of a God, that in everything there must be both sides of living, right needs wrong in order to improve, therefore the faster we can forgive and move on, the better.

Peace is victory for right over wrong, there’s no righteousness in mistakes, Every soul has the free will to choose their own path, A Course in Miracles suggests that by atonement and simple yet repetitive adjustments of mistakes, until the mistake, whether it be a habit or a negative way of thinking, is atoned by it’s correct counterpart. Yin and Yang.

Peace takes hold of your mind first, then your soul. Now you begin to see things through the eyes of God.

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